Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla espaƱol. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.

Money Trees And Hoodrat Dreams.

Meanwhile back in Queens the realness is foundation

I survived:

LeBron James’ “The Decision”

Carmelo Anthony’s “Melodrama”

And now Dwight Howard’s “Dwightmare”

Now the Nets have been heartbroken so many times (do you remember losing back-to-back Finals appearances and losing 3 times in a row to buzzer-beaters?). But that just means the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets have one of the fiercest and loyal fans ever. Boom. There’s no way you can’t tell me any other team has more loyal fans. Success or no success, Nets Nation still runs deep. :)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We finally are able to get a pure scorer who can actually slash and drive, and most importantly DUNK IT DOWN!!! We haven’t had that since Richard Jefferson, and our finals days!!! Finally we can close down that on that crucial position. I think this is another Lob City in the making, *cough* Gerald Green AND Gerald Wallace *cough* :) And all we did was trade two bums who are out for the season and a pick :D :D :D And don’t count Brook Lopez out! He may not grab many rebounds, but this man can score points in a hurry, and he can actually shoot! *wat Dwight Howard wat* Kris Humphries got your nightly 20 rebounds so it’s all good, Brook :)
Step 1 is complete. Brooklyn is going to be a FINEEE arena next year

I thought Stephen A. Smith was the biggest New York Knicks homer in the history of homers. Then on his radio show, he went off on the New York Knicks and instead praised the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets as well as Dwight Howard. Wow. It was all true too.