Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.
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Don’t believe me just watch.

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“I got shooters on my team… No really I got shooters on my team” Jay-Z #lyrics #musicmonday #music #jayz #brooklyn #nets

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When you download a bunch of new songs and your shuffle playlist suddenly because so much more entertaining with each song

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Artist: Aventura [Djsteven]
Track: Dile Al Amor
Album: The Last -
Plays: 79


Dile al amor que no toque mi puerta,

que yo no estoy en casa, que no vuelva mañana
A mi corazon ya le han fallado en ocassiones
me fui de vacacciones lejos de los amores.
Dile al amor que no es grato en mi vida
dale mi despedida, cuentale las razones.
Dile Al Amor-Aventura

ésto es mi JAM

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Artist: Mobb Deep
Track: Shook Ones (Pt. 2)
Album: Infamous
Plays: 4409


Shook Ones (Part II)”- Mobb Deep

lol remember when this was the national anthem of Queens

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The 2-1-Zoo

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Incondicional - Prince Royce Bachata con Mariachi<3333 :*

Interesting mix, Dominican and Mexican music!!!!!! Me encantaaaaa

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"Audemar on my wrist… BUSTDOWN!
We poppin’ bottles like I scored the winnin’ touchdown!
‘Member meek dead broke,
Look at me up now.
I run my city from South Philly back to uptown!"

Meek Mill - “I’m A Boss” (ft. Rick Ross)
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"¡Déjenme soñar!
Mi corazoncito es mio mio, mio mio mio…"

Aventura - “Mi Corazoncito” (Let me dream! My little heart is mine mine, mine mine mine…)
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Aventura, “Obsesión” | New York, NY/Dominican Republic; 2002

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I know Apple fanboys are probably going to rage over this, but…

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Takes out headphones to listen to music while on 15 minute walk to class. Have time for only one song due to unraveling the headphones