Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.
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Let’s bring this back for tonight.

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Is it on Your Bucket List? on -

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When the Lakers are losing big they always turn into whining crybabies

Come on -_-

Case in point: Devin Ebanks, and Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum in last year’s series vs. the Dallas Mavericks

I mean, it’s a 7-game series, no need for this immature sore-loser act. Come on now Lakers, you can’t win them all! You can always take next game or the games at home!

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It’s times like these that you see how Johan Petro sucks

and how undermanned the Center position is with the Nets with 2 centers already out…

Wait scratch that, make it 3 Centers out because Johan Petro just went out with an injury.

I laugh when fans of other teams think that their teams have injuries…inb4 I name the injured list of the Nets.

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Johan Petro drives me insane. Bad Defense drives me insane.

Johan PetROFL for MVP!

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My dude Kris Humphries blocked the sh*t out of Blake Griffin…but sadly, the NBA and ESPN have some sort of love-fest and are hopping on Blake Griffin’s ****, so this play was not even mentioned at all…

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Balanced scoring. F**king perfect. GO NETS!

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I don’t know what’s more foolish…

Kobe Bryant’s mask:

Or calling Ron Artest, this guy

"Metta World Peace"

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Jeremy Lin owning Kobe

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What’s that LeBron? 7 rings? LOL good one!