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Money Trees And Hoodrat Dreams.

Meanwhile back in Queens the realness is foundation

I’m still fretting over the “what-ifs” and the “what could have beens” because I’ll keep repeating this phrase: “The Nets are not a bad team, they’re just not elite yet!”

That quote was actually spoken by Stephen A. Smith.

I honestly laugh when fans of other teams think that their teams have injuries…like b***h have you seen the Nets’ injuries? They actually just lost yet another player in this Nets Lakers game in Johan Petro

  • What other team can say that 6 of their players are out for the season? (Brook Lopez, Mehmet Okur, Jordan Farmar, Shawne Williams, Keith Bogans, Damion James)
  • What other team can say they had 20+ different starting lineups?
  • What other team can say that EVERY single one of their players was injured at least 5 games this season?

I’m going to keep saying that they’re a good team when healthy. Because they are. Even with the injury problem, they have a better away record than good teams like the Lakers, Clippers, Mavericks, Celtics, 76ers, Pacers, and Knicks!

Problem is their home record is ass. Only the Hornets and Bobcats, who are at the bottom of their respective conferences, have worse records (not hating on them, because I know what it feels like to be a fan whose team was at the bottom. Just saying, fans of these teams are the most loyal. You can make fun of their record, but you definitely can’t make fun of their loyalty.)

Kobe Bryant’s mask:

Or calling Ron Artest, this guy

"Metta World Peace"

Rootin for mah dude Mar$wag Brooks for this Rising Stars Challenge :) GO TEAM CHUCK!!!

Rootin for mah dude Mar$wag Brooks for this Rising Stars Challenge :) GO TEAM CHUCK!!!

Jeremy Lin owning Kobe

Jeremy Lin owning Kobe