Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.
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The fact that this is literally 2 minutes from my house

And the man in that house is an electrician

And the person in the house directly across from him is also an electrician

And they have a “battle for Chrstmas lights” every year

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BIG: Color (by NBA)

Take a look at the Special Christmas Day jerseys that your favorite NBA Superstars will be wearing on December 25th.

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Ber months na po guys~!
Advance Merry Christmas to you all~! :D

Imma celebrate with this Christmas lights even without snow. :) 

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This was my Christmas present a few days ago! I FXCKING love The Lion King and these things haven’t left my side since I got them!

Thanks to and yeaahhhhh thank you guys!

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So we all have Finals this week

My reaction:

Hakuna Matata, Bitches!

What I really feel inside:

My life is over and my future is screwed.