Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.
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Madddd long time since this happened

10 years ago

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My blog description said “I like the Nets. They suck though.”

I guess it’s time to take that off now :)


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Might as well change my iPod Touch background too since the New Jersey Nets no longer exist ;____;

Hello Brooklyn Nets!

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Oh man, they just had to put this up with JaVale McGee…damn lol

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Look at the NBA page in the “teams” tab! BROOKLYN Nets! #HELLOBROOKLYN

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Like I said, the Nets moving to Brooklyn isn’t about the team, but rather the brand. Brooklyn is a HUGE market, and Brooklynites are proud to rep Brooklyn. I expect these logos to be selling off the shelves come Monday.

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After 35 years, the New Jersey Nets have played their final game.  The franchise is headed to Brooklyn.  There are fans of the New Jersey Nets who are profoundly sad their team is gone.  I understand those people.  They are me.  I am them.

In tribute, my starting 5, All-Time Favorite Nets:

  1. Drazen Petrovic, SG - No words
  2. Kenny Anderson, PG - The Pride of Lefrak City, Queens, NY
  3. Derrick Coleman, C - He wasn’t really a center, but it works better for my gimmicky concept this way
  4. Buck Williams, PF - I knew Buck most as a Trail Blazer, but his best years were in New Jersey
  5. Dennis Hopson, SF - Proud son of Toledo, Ohio (my hometown)

Good night, New Jersey Nets.  So long.


R.I.P. Drazen Petrovic. And R.I.P. New Jersey Nets. It’s been a great ride here in New Jersey. Farewell.

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This new arena looks legit. They made it like a theater, with the court as the stage with all the lighting. What people don’t realize is that Brooklyn is not just a place to play in, but a brand as well. People are proud of Brooklyn and will rep it to death.

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I’m digging the white on black, but please, please put some other detail on this…

But the “Brooklyn” brand is gonna be a seller…people will love to have “Brooklyn” on their apparel though

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In 5 days these jerseys will be obsolete and considered “retro/throwbacks”

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New Jersey Nets fan Billy Zarro and his son Milan in an empty Prudential Center after the final Nets game in New Jersey. Nets fell to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Beginning of the night and end of the night. Forever empty.

Sellout crowd was nice to watch, wish we had it more times instead of just 8 times this season…had us chanting “MVP” for Kris Humphries at the free throw line!!!

And I’m pretty sure that we chanted “Let’s Go Nets!” at every possession in the 3rd quarter when they made that run…akin to the old playoff days, but only we remember those days. #HelloBrooklyn

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"2 minutes left of basketball in New Jersey, 2!"

Gary Sussman, PA Announcer, on final 2-minute warning in the 4th quarter of the New Jersey Nets game
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"Last" facts for Nets Basketball in New Jersey:

Last shot made: Lou Williams, 76ers (3pt shot)

Last 3 pt shot made: Lou Williams

Last 2 pt shot made: Armon Johnson, Nets

Last Net to score: Armon Johnson

Last attempted shot in New Jersey: Johan Petro (miss)

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Johan Petro: the last NBA player to ever attempt an NBA field goal shot in New Jersey…

Quite fittingly, Petro missed the jumper. Nets fall, 85-107.