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New Brunswick, New Jersey skyline

R-U Rah Rah

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New Milford, New Jersey — “The Birthplace of Bergen County”

(1995-1999) <33

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Might as well change my iPod Touch background too since the New Jersey Nets no longer exist ;____;

Hello Brooklyn Nets!

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At 12:00am today, the New Jersey Nets officially became the Brooklyn Nets

A lot of New Jersey fans said they gave up becoming Nets fans just because they aren’t in New Jersey anymore. Well, hello? The Nets were in New York and called the “New York” Nets for a part of their history too! Along with that, the team moving 9 MILES away! It’s not like the Seattle Supersonics, who moved 1000+ miles away to the middle of the country! *Thunder fans from Seattle, I salute you* New Jerseyans can easily access the NJ Tranisit or PATH trains then switch over to the NY Subway to get to Brooklyn. Or even drive or take a bus!

I’m not feeling sad, like many other fans are. Perhaps it’s because I was born in New York City, so I have that connection there. But anyways, Go Nets! #HELLOBROOKLYN

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Like I said, the Nets moving to Brooklyn isn’t about the team, but rather the brand. Brooklyn is a HUGE market, and Brooklynites are proud to rep Brooklyn. I expect these logos to be selling off the shelves come Monday.

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This new arena looks legit. They made it like a theater, with the court as the stage with all the lighting. What people don’t realize is that Brooklyn is not just a place to play in, but a brand as well. People are proud of Brooklyn and will rep it to death.

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I’m digging the white on black, but please, please put some other detail on this…

But the “Brooklyn” brand is gonna be a seller…people will love to have “Brooklyn” on their apparel though

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In 5 days these jerseys will be obsolete and considered “retro/throwbacks”

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Jay-Z stands for the National Anthem at the New Jersey Nets game last night.

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New Jersey Nets fan Billy Zarro and his son Milan in an empty Prudential Center after the final Nets game in New Jersey. Nets fell to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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"2 minutes left of basketball in New Jersey, 2!"

Gary Sussman, PA Announcer, on final 2-minute warning in the 4th quarter of the New Jersey Nets game
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"Last" facts for Nets Basketball in New Jersey:

Last shot made: Lou Williams, 76ers (3pt shot)

Last 3 pt shot made: Lou Williams

Last 2 pt shot made: Armon Johnson, Nets

Last Net to score: Armon Johnson

Last attempted shot in New Jersey: Johan Petro (miss)

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Johan Petro: the last NBA player to ever attempt an NBA field goal shot in New Jersey…

Quite fittingly, Petro missed the jumper. Nets fall, 85-107.

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livelife: Nets playing their last game in New Jersey.


Its still hitting me that it’s their last game here in Jersey. It’s been a roller coaster.  We had a great run before that 12-70 season. Just looking back at the past, we had a lot of great memories. When we had Jason Kidd, he really changed our team. Being able to lead the Nets to 2 final appearances. We were a solid team. We played defense, great half court game, and we could run the break. And when we had Vince Carter it was a fun run. Being able to see him dunk and shoot. Those game winning shots against toronto were quite memorable. 

The move to Brooklyn is bittersweet. I want them to stay here, but theres a lot of opportunities in Brooklyn. Billion dollar arena. Big Market. I hope Deron stays. But if he leaves, I would still respect him. 

Even though our future is still unclear. I’m still going to stick with this team regardless who’s in our roster. 

Thank You Nets for all the great memories here in Jersey. Brooklyn here we come.

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Last game of the Nets in New Jersey…in 7 days this logo will be defunct, and the name Nets will move to Brooklyn