Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.
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Drake NBA style rap

My rhymes are like LeBron’s hairline, REAL THIN.

My career will be over in a year, JEREMY LIN.

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To all Nets fans: Survivors

I survived:

LeBron James’ “The Decision”

Carmelo Anthony’s “Melodrama”

And now Dwight Howard’s “Dwightmare”

Now the Nets have been heartbroken so many times (do you remember losing back-to-back Finals appearances and losing 3 times in a row to buzzer-beaters?). But that just means the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets have one of the fiercest and loyal fans ever. Boom. There’s no way you can’t tell me any other team has more loyal fans. Success or no success, Nets Nation still runs deep. :)

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Vince Carter LOLing at LeBron’s career

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So the Miami Heat lost and Erik Spoelstra got ejected.

He is not one happy camper. Lip-reading experts, wanna guess what he said? lol

P.S. I like the genuinely shocked face that Wade has on

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What’s that LeBron? 7 rings? LOL good one!