Angelo V. 20 years young. Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. Whaddup doe. Kamusta.
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I never see this coming Jeremy 

Woahhh Jason Kidd is now playing on the team he used to beat up !!!! He must have felt so bad for them lol. Respect to Kidd and the Knicks!!

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Drake NBA style rap

My rhymes are like LeBron’s hairline, REAL THIN.

My career will be over in a year, JEREMY LIN.

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So if Dwight Howard really did change his mind and decided to stay in Orlando

because last year there was so much ado about Carmelo Anthony and if he wanted to be traded to the Nets. And then look what happened: surprise, Deron Williams! So I’m not stressed about who Billy King will get. I’m pretty sure he can ensemble a great supporting cast for Deron Williams :) In Billy we trust*

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I thought Stephen A. Smith was the biggest New York Knicks homer in the history of homers. Then on his radio show, he went off on the New York Knicks and instead praised the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets as well as Dwight Howard. Wow. It was all true too.

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I thought Stephen A. Smith was a Knicks homer

but then I saw his ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT rant about the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets. “THEY ARE COMING TO TAKE OVER NEW YORK.”

Skip to the 38:30 mark.

In a brilliant rant on ESPN radio on Monday, Stephen A. Smith warns Knicks fans how the Nets are coming to Brooklyn to take over New York, with Mikhail Prokhorov, Jay-Z, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard and their supporting cast.

According to Stephen A, the Barclays Center “is off the chain.” It’s brand-new, not renovated, he says.

"They are not coming to play second fiddle to the New York Knicks," Smith screams. "They are coming to take OVER!"

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Mike D’antoni should be called “Mike Antoni”

Because he has no ‘D.’


smh -_- lol

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Celtics won, Knicks lost -_-

I need the Knicks to win for my Nets to move up in the standings smh.

Thank you based god…

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LINadequate. LINexplicable. World’s smallest vioLIN is playing. 

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Anthony Morrow pointing at Carmelo Anthony after Melo elbowed him and knocked out 4 of his teeth. Instead of a blatant foul call, the refs called a travel on Morrow when he staggered after being hit. Rigged But my Nets won anyway :) Go Nets!

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ayy Deron swag him out…#DeronYourFace

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Shelden Williams’ lurkin wit his derpyness tryna take the ball from Jeremy Lin but Lin’s like “izz mai ball get away from me Sherden”

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DeShawn why you got a damn piercing below your Adam’s Apple if ur just gonna cover it up with a patch…and why you got an Abraham Lincoln tattoo smh…But swag him out DeShawn cuz you gottum

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Illuminati reference Ayy Deron swag him out again.

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