Angelo V. Twenni-Wahn? Filipino-American. Rutgers. Queens, New York City born. Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Nets. Se habla español. What's gud tho. Kamusta.

Money Trees And Hoodrat Dreams.

Meanwhile back in Queens the realness is foundation



After 35 years, the New Jersey Nets have played their final game.  The franchise is headed to Brooklyn.  There are fans of the New Jersey Nets who are profoundly sad their team is gone.  I understand those people.  They are me.  I am them.

In tribute, my starting 5, All-Time Favorite Nets:

  1. Drazen Petrovic, SG - No words
  2. Kenny Anderson, PG - The Pride of Lefrak City, Queens, NY
  3. Derrick Coleman, C - He wasn’t really a center, but it works better for my gimmicky concept this way
  4. Buck Williams, PF - I knew Buck most as a Trail Blazer, but his best years were in New Jersey
  5. Dennis Hopson, SF - Proud son of Toledo, Ohio (my hometown)

Good night, New Jersey Nets.  So long.


R.I.P. Drazen Petrovic. And R.I.P. New Jersey Nets. It’s been a great ride here in New Jersey. Farewell.